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The Woman In the Shadows, Alexandra Mallory Book #13, is here!

The ebook is available at Amazon.

The paperback is available at Barnes & Noble.

"Wow! If you enjoy dark thrillers, have I got a recommendation for you!"

--Reader review

Alexandra Mallory kills to avenge women everywhere.

Trying to escape the consequences of her risky behavior, she rents a room in a clifftop bungalow from Noreen, where she finds herself caught in a web of deception and jealousy.

As she uncovers the horrors of Noreen’s past, Alexandra realizes she must right a terrible wrong, even at the risk of revealing secrets of her own.

A hypnotic sociopath you can’t help but love. A gripping, page-turning journey, peeling back more and more layers through tantalizing revelations of the past.

Start reading Alexandra's story of obsession and vengeance today.

“Deliciously dark” --Reader review

“Addictive” --Reader review

“I recommend this book to anyone who reads psychological thrillers. I read them exclusively but this one differed from the usual formula.”

--Reader review

Begin the journey with Alexandra Mallory: Book One

The Woman In the Mirror Cathryn
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