Alexandra Mallory Book #13 is coming in 2022.

The Woman In the Shadows


Alexandra Mallory: Book Twelve 

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Thou shalt not kill….


Too late.


Alex is being put in a corner and will have to decide just how far she will go to protect her job. Her coworker, Stephanie, is turning up the heat and is hell-bent on forcing Alex out.


A confrontation is inevitable, the only question is: who will die?


Continue reading Alex’s story of obsession and murder today. You never know what’s around the next corner.

The Woman In the Mirror Cathryn

Begin the journey with Alexandra Mallory: Book One


Alexandra loves martinis and men. But she hates misogynists.

Men want her. Women like her, but they don’t always know why. She has an insatiable curiosity and sometimes takes risks she shouldn’t.

Trying to escape the consequences of her risky behavior, she rents a room in a clifftop bungalow, where she finds herself caught in a web of deception and jealousy.

When she untangles the lies, she’s compelled to right a terrible wrong, even at the risk of revealing secrets of her own.

A hypnotic sociopath you can’t help but love.

A gripping, page-turning journey, peeling back more and more layers through tantalizing revelations of the past.

The Woman In the Water Cathryn Grant.jpg

Alexandra Mallory: Book Two


When the punishment doesn't fit the crime...someone has to die. 

Alexandra is obsessed with the spectacular house next door to the tiny cabin she and Jared are sharing. The odd behavior of the owners piques Alexandra's curiosity.

Her envy of the house turns to an obsession with its occupants. An obsession to discover exactly what they're hiding. 

Before she can discover the truth, a woman's body washes up on a nearby beach, and Jared's fixation with the circumstances of her death threatens to expose Alexandra.

When Alexandra uncovers the terrible secrets next door, she is forced to confront the menace lurking within.

An unsettling thriller with a taut narrative that keeps you guessing. 

The Woman In the Painting Cathryn Grant.

Alexandra Mallory: Book Three


They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Sometimes, one of those words means someone deserves to die.

Alexandra loves her glamorous San Francisco apartment, but nothing is going as she'd dreamed. The lucrative job that provides her cover is in jeopardy. 

No one is what they seem -- the aloof artist, the neighbors, and the man who is following Alexandra.

Will a beautiful portrait destroy the lives of two women close to Alex?

An unsettling, page-turning thriller. 

The Woman In the Window Cathryn

Alexandra Mallory: Book Four


Blood is a scary thing.

When Alexandra sees a woman writing on an apartment window in what appears to be blood, she’s transfixed. 

She becomes obsessed with discovering the secrets that lie within the stately old building. 

While she tries to unravel this mystery, she must make a decision about the job offer that could secure her future, but at what cost? 

Will the solution to the riddle Alexandra must solve put her in danger of exposure? Will it force her to trust the woman in the window?

An unsettling, page-turning thriller that keeps you guessing. 

The Woman In the Bar Cathryn Grant.jpg

Alexandra Mallory: Book Five


Everyone has something to hide.

Alexandra’s recent killings have left her exposed.

Now, two detectives at The Chimera, Isaiah’s favorite bar, are much too interested in her background. Their intense scrutiny and constant presence are threatening everything that matters to her. 

At work, Steve is increasingly curious about what she’s hiding, and Alexandra knows he can place her at the scene of a murder.   


As her options shrink and the threats increase, her only way out is to kill again. 

Alexandra now has even more to hide.
Alexandra’s page-turning stories never disappoint. 

The Woman in the Bedroom Cathryn Grant.j

Alexandra Mallory: Book Six


Sometimes, a bedroom is the most dangerous place on earth.

Eager to remove herself from the scene of her latest crimes, Alex accepts a job offer in Australia.

Joining a startup company with Tess is the perfect excuse for leaving the country. It’s also the perfect way to keep an eye on Tess and try to divert her from her interest in discovering the truth about Steve’s death.  Alex quickly finds she may have made the wrong choice.

Despite the tropical, luxurious atmosphere, the claustrophobic nature of the startup with its forced togetherness begins to suffocate Alexandra. 

To escape, she returns to her morning runs, but a disturbing neighbor inserts himself into her routine, making her feel more confined than ever. When she discovers the horrifying secret buried in this exclusive Sydney neighborhood, she must decide whether a bedroom is a place of seduction or death.

The Woman In The Dark Cathryn Grant.jpg

Alexandra Mallory: Book Seven


Desire and death await in the dark.

The murder next door is unsolved. But Alex knows she’s covered her tracks.

Now, her life is complicated by the discovery of a woman’s body closer to home. 

As detectives seek the identity of the dead woman and the cause of her death, suspicion falls on Sean and the others.

When Alex takes a huge risk with the fledgling company’s social media site, and the detectives begin probing deeper, 
tension reaches its breaking point.

With detectives still trying to solve the murder next door and a new team focused on this case, the threat to Alex pushes her to go further than she should.


The intriguing characters in Alexandra’s latest page-turning story have secrets of their own.

The Woman In The Cellar Cathryn

Alexandra Mallory: Book Eight


Sometimes a secret is in plain sight. But Alex just can’t see it.

While the police have moved on from investigating the deaths in her neighborhood, Alex’s life is getting more complicated in other ways.

Things are resurfacing that she thought were settled. A woman from Sean’s past is putting Alex’s job at risk. The stolen telescope in her bedroom has become an albatross. 

Sean continues to keep secrets, but Carmen is determined to bring the truth into the open.

When both of them put Alex in the middle, she’s forced to make a choice that has a high cost.

Will the growing tensions inside Sean’s house also cost Alex her life?

The Woman in the Photograph Cathryn Gran

Alexandra Mallory: Book Nine


This time, it’s personal.

And Alexandra takes her biggest risk yet.

Now in New York, Alex settles in and immediately makes the acquaintance of her disturbing neighbors, a threatening co-worker, and a predatory client.

Alex loves New York and loves her new job as a photographer.

She had no idea she’d be required to “play nice” in the face of misogyny.

When those around her push her too far, she must decide who is the bigger threat.

The scheming characters in Alexandra's latest page-turning story become her greatest challenge yet.

The Woman In the Storm Cathryn Grant.jpg

Alexandra Mallory: Book Ten


Murder can’t always be planned.


The antique key on the dead man’s body was too beautiful to leave behind.


Alex removed it from the keyring on a whim, but now she’s obsessed with finding the lock where it fits. 


Visiting the dead man’s house, her desire to find a home for the key becomes entwined with the odd behavior of the household staff. 


Alex soon realizes they’re all watching her. But despite wondering how much they really know about her relationship with the dead man, she keeps searching the house. As each room yields more secrets, she’s drawn deeper into the lives of its occupants.


She never planned it this way, but someone will have to die if she’s to escape unharmed.

The Woman In the Taxi Cathryn Grant.jpg

Alexandra Mallory: Book Eleven 

Sometimes murder is the only choice...


Even if it's risky.


Alex is forced to decide how to free herself from her day trading neighbors, but discovering their secrets leaves her only one option.


At the same time, her coworker, Stephanie, is putting Alex's job in jeopardy again. Enough is enough, Alex needs to bring this to an end.


Alex is not above killing them all, but will that be necessary?


Continue reading Alex’s story of obsession and murder today. You never know what’s around the next corner.