The Woman In the Shadows, Alexandra Mallory Book #13, is coming in late 2022!

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Alexandra loves martinis and men. But she hates misogynists.

Men want her. Women like her, but they don’t always know why. She has an insatiable curiosity and sometimes takes risks she shouldn’t.


A hypnotic sociopath you can’t help but love.

The Woman In the Mirror Cathryn
The Woman In the Water Cathryn Grant.jpg
The Woman In the Painting Cathryn Grant.
The Woman In the Window Cathryn
The Woman In the Bar Cathryn Grant.jpg
The Woman in the Bedroom Cathryn Grant.j
The Woman In The Dark Cathryn Grant.jpg
The Woman In The Cellar Cathryn
The Woman in the Photograph Cathryn Gran
The Woman In the Storm Cathryn Grant.jpg