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She began to see the flicker of red flags right away, her friend in the rose-colored glasses did not.


Alexandra Mallory isn’t going to let a rape go unpunished. Her wounded, violated friend insists it’s not worth the heartache and humiliation to report it. No one will take her side. But it’s not in Alexandra’s nature to let things like that go. 


Alex lays her trap with meticulous care. She’s absolutely certain she’s considered every angle. She knows she has, because even though she’s inexperienced, this is not her first time.


But a man starts following her, insisting he’s seen her before, and now, she can’t stop running. Will this end in prison, her own horrific death, or will she be driven to commit another murder?


Book #16, The Woman In the Vineyard, is coming in July 2024.

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"Wow! If you enjoy dark thrillers, have I got a recommendation for you!"

--Reader review

Alexandra Mallory kills to avenge women everywhere.

Trying to escape the consequences of her risky behavior, she rents a room in a clifftop bungalow from Noreen, where she finds herself caught in a web of deception and jealousy.

As she uncovers the horrors of Noreen’s past, Alexandra realizes she must right a terrible wrong, even at the risk of revealing secrets of her own.

A hypnotic sociopath you can’t help but love. A gripping, page-turning journey, peeling back more and more layers through tantalizing revelations of the past.

Start reading Alexandra's story of obsession and vengeance today.

“Deliciously dark” --Reader review

“Addictive” --Reader review

“I recommend this book to anyone who reads psychological thrillers. I read them exclusively but this one differed from the usual formula.”

--Reader review

Begin the journey with Alexandra Mallory: Book One

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