Alone On the Beach Cathryn Grant Suburba

Book One


The abandoned ship is haunted. The ghost is coming for Corrine. So the old woman says, but Corrine doesn’t believe her.

Corrine loves living by the ocean. Her life seems almost perfect now that she's falling in love. When she learns that the abandoned concrete ship near her home is reportedly haunted, she dismisses the story as the rambling of a blind old woman. 

Mary is old and blind. The ghost has haunted her since childhood. She knows the ghost is determined to weave itself into Corrine's mind, taking over her thoughts.

As the two women begin a tentative friendship, Corrine encounters the ghost and begins to question the man she loves. Is it possible Corrine's mistrust began when she saw the ghostly figure on the ship? Now, she must battle a spirit that's made a home inside her mind, driving her to question her sanity.

If you like contemporary stories with whispers from the past, you’ll love Alone On the Beach.

Get this book for a gripping, haunting read, but don’t turn out the lights.

Slipping Away From the Beach Suburban No
Book Two

A ghost that haunts the human mind is the most terrifying of all.

It's 1967 — the summer of love — sex, drugs and rock n’ roll.

Mary's sons are grown. Her husband has left her for a woman who is young, beautiful and unencumbered by children. He also left her with enough money to live comfortably in an ocean-front house on the edge of Rio Del Mar beach. It’s a perfect house for parties.

Mary is eager to inhale the music and freedom, the sex and altered states of consciousness that have permeated California. This might be her last chance to feel young, find love and regain her spirit.

Home from college for the summer, Thomas is appalled by his mother's hippie houseguests. As he fights to put an end to Mary's decadent parties, he's forced to confront demons of his own.

After witnessing a gruesome death, the summer of love grows cold and dark. Mary questions the circumstances of the death and wrestles with the ghost haunting the concrete ship.

If you were there, or wish you were, you’ll love the ghosts of the summer of love.

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Book Three

In 1930, the town of Aptos is obsessed with the long-awaited grand opening of a restaurant and dance hall built inside the abandoned concrete ship.

Everyone has a dream for the promise of a night on the ship. 

Mary fights to convince her parents the adults only rule is unfair. Her mother anticipates a final chance to rekindle her marriage. Her father’s business partner knows it's the perfect setting to win the woman he adores.

But the concrete ship, glowing with lights and filled with music, has a dark side…it's Prohibition and bootleggers know they can pick up their illegal deliveries when the parties are over and the lights go out. Their greed and violence threatens to shatter everyone’s dreams.

As the tragic events of Mary's childhood unfold before her uncomprehending eyes, she has a terrifying encounter with the ghost that dwells within the old ship. Finally, Mary discovers the truth about the ghost.

If you liked the first two books in the trilogy, you’ll love this shocking, satisfying conclusion to Mary’s story.