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Volume One


"I never believed in ghosts until I became acquainted with Madison Keith."

--Amazon Reader

Both the living and the dead reveal their secrets to Madison Keith. But the living don't believe ghosts are real and they want her to stop talking about it.

She’d like to stop, but the ghosts of those who have met untimely deaths are begging for her help in getting justice.

If you like quirky characters and cozy mysteries, you’ll fall in love with Madison. If you never believed in ghosts, wait until you meet Madison.

Get the first collection and be charmed by Madison today.

This collection includes the first three novellas in the Madison Keith series:

Fatal Cut, Shallow Water, and Unholy Child

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Volume Two


Working in the dark basement of a church, Madison witnesses the buried resentments and bitter hearts of the people around her. The church leaders are unsettled by her. The lonely are drawn to her.

The ghosts of those who have met untimely deaths seek her help in getting justice.

In this collection, Madison's relationship with JD grows, despite her fixation on pursuing ghosts and fighting to give them closure. When her relationship with JD hits a rough spot, a dark secret from Madison's past is exposed.

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This collection includes novellas four, five, and six in the Madison Keith series: 

Stone Cold, Deadly Streets, and Lonely Ghosts

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Volume Three


Even though she doesn’t believe in them, Pastor Kate believes she’s been assaulted by a ghost in the novella, Last Chance.

In the eighth novella, Madison feels she’s being “eaten alive” with thoughts about her past, but when she asks Pastor Joe for time off to look for closure, he questions her commitment to her job. When she discovers her murdered neighbor’s body, she resorts to minor crimes herself to find out more about his life.​


In the ninth ghost story in this series, Madison is determined to get some answers about the ghosts from her past. ​


This collection includes novellas seven, eight, and nine in the Madison Keith series: 

Last Chance, Eaten Alive, and Empty Home.

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Volume Four


This collection includes the final two novellas in the Madison Keith Suburban Noir Ghost Story series: Ugly Truth and Beloved Ghosts.

In Ugly Truth, Madison is confronted by an entity whose message could destroy the pastor of the church where she works. Still trying to reconcile her parents’ murders, she’s forced to expose her past in order to deal with this spirit haunting the church basement. 

In Beloved Ghosts, Madison is consumed by her desire to find the ghosts from her past and allow them to rest. She hardly notices JD standing by her side as she discovers increasing horrors in her past, and begins to wonder if she’ll ever find peace.