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New places to find Alex and more books in 2023

The Alexandra Mallory series has been part of Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program for six years. As most of you know, this allows readers who pay a monthly subscription to choose from over one million books to read. 

What you may not know, is that Amazon requires independent authors in this program to make their books exclusive to Amazon. This limits the number of readers who can enjoy Alexandra's stories. It also prevents her stories from being available in public libraries.

In order to allow more readers to enjoy this series, I'm gradually removing the books from the Kindle Unlimited program.

During this process, I'm doing my best to make sure everyone who subscribes to KU has a chance to read through the series.

The books will be removed from KU on the following dates:

  • The Woman In the Water: January 26, 2023

  • The Woman In the Painting: February 2, 2023

  • The Woman In the Window: February 9, 2023

  • The Woman In the Bar: February 16, 2023

Books #6 through #13 will remain in Kindle Unlimited until mid-April, 2023.

I'm also excited to announce that there will be two new Alexandra novels this year. The tentative release date for The Woman In the Hotel is June 2023, followed by book #15 in December 2023. Both books will be available in Kindle Unlimited for three months following their release.

As always, thank you for reading! It's such a thrill to know you enjoy my books!



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