She told him to make himself at home. He did. 

Life has been good to Ellie – she owns a successful art gallery, is deeply in love with her husband, Seth, and has two beautiful children, Brandon and Simone.

But not everything is perfect… 

Lately, Seth seems to have something on his mind and has become cold and distant. And things don’t improve when he invites the mysterious stranger Ace to stay in their home. 

Ace is charming, but Ellie can’t help feeling there’s more to him than meets the eye, that he has some kind of agenda. She’s also aware that she is dangerously attracted to him.  

Then a girl at Brandon’s school is murdered, and Ellie is beyond devastated when the police tell her they think her son might be involved. 

Ellie knows in her heart that Brandon is innocent and she feels certain that Ace is somehow connected to the disturbing things that are happening. She starts to dig for the truth and uncovers the terrible secret that will change her life in ways she can’t imagine… 

Praise from early readers...


"Gripping and completely unpredictable."


"I really enjoyed the twists and turns ... I didn't want to stop reading."

"Brilliant thriller ... when you think you have solved it another twist comes."

"I thought that I had it figured out so many times and was wrong!! Definitely recommend!!"


Amy’s life is picture-perfect. Mess with that picture – you’re going to pay.


Amy’s life is close to perfect – two lovely daughters, a wonderful husband and she’s queen bee in her circle of soccer moms. She feels content, like she’s finally put some distance between herself and the terrible events of long ago.


The only fly in the ointment is Charlotte, a recent arrival to this affluent suburban community. The shameless way she dresses, the way the men look at her… it’s not right, she’s just not the kind of person they want around here.


Amy spearheads a drive to exclude Charlotte, to make it clear to her that she’s not welcome here. Infuriatingly, Charlotte doesn’t seem to care… And when her daughter joins the soccer team there’s just no getting away from her.


But Amy knows from bitter experience the kind of trouble a woman like Charlotte can bring. And there is no way on earth that her girls are ever going to be exposed to anything like that. The solution is clear - Charlotte has to go. No matter what it takes.


Previously published under the title: The Demise of the Soccer Moms 

Now includes a new ending.


Sometimes the past just won’t stay buried..,


When 14-year-old Brittany disappears one night, her parents are devastated, certain she has been taken. 


They can’t bear to think about who has done this and why, about what might be happening to their precious daughter. 


Their neighbor, Taylor, is a rock, doing everything she can to help – organizing search parties, setting up a Facebook page …


As this affluent California community becomes focused on the hunt for the missing girl, it slowly becomes clear that her disappearance is linked to terrible secrets from the past. 


Secrets that must be kept hidden at all costs….


The Good Neighbor is a gripping psychological thriller that twists and turns as it races towards its nerve-shredding climax. 


Ann’s life has never been in danger…

Until now.

Gemma goes to Dr. Ann Wilcox for therapy. What she uncovers will lead her on a journey through her long-forgotten nightmares.

A dedicated and caring therapist, Ann wants to see her patients achieve the lives they deserve, but with Gemma, it might not be possible. 

As Ann begins the delicate task of helping her patient unravel the twisted threads in her subconscious mind, she begins to fear for her own sanity, and her life.

The two women begin a psychological dance, trying to peer behind one another’s masks, while the men in their lives can only watch from the sidelines, knowing the women are dancing near the edge of a precipice and that someone is destined to die.

If you like a gripping domestic suspense thriller with twists and turns, never sure who’s telling the truth, you’ll love She’s Listening.

Get your copy of this page-turning psychological thriller today.

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