Flash Fiction


Like a shot of vodka or scotch, flash fiction is a quick hit to the brain at the end of the day, a startling peek into another's life. You can think of it as an alternative to a martini.


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Short Stories

Michelle is a good mom. She and her family are enjoying the summer vacation at Pine Mountain Lake. When she drives past two boys walking in the heat of the day, her maternal instinct kicks in and she offers them a ride. Slowly she realizes these two are not what they seemed to be. She is caught in a nightmare that may mean she will never see her family again.
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REDUCTION IN FORCE is a collection of two Suburban Noir Short Stories, originally published in Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine.

TALKING HERSELF TO DEATH: Eddie is the only person at CompuTech who can tolerate Jill Madison's tedious chatter. Even Eddie's patience wears thin after Jill's employment is terminated and she pushes their friendship too far.

A GOOD MAN: When his job becomes the victim of a "reduction in force", David realizes that being a good man hasn't paid off, so why bother?

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For years, Alan Campbell believed his wife and close friends loved to hear him sing an old Johnny Mathis song, Chances Are. On a sweltering evening, after a backyard barbecue with plenty of good wine, he finds out his wife Trish has suffered in silent humiliation whenever he performs. At home, their fight turns ugly.

The splintering of marriages and friendships continues when his life-long friend Sam accuses Alan of using the song to seduce his wife, Debra. After witnessing a brawl between Alan and Sam, Trish confronts Debra.

A few weeks later, the group buries their rage and goes out for a night on the town. Jealousy and fear erupt in an act of violence with devastating results.