Now available with a new ending under the title, THE GOOD MOTHER

Soccer is a competitive sport.

For mothers as much as their daughters.

All Charlotte wants is for her daughter to be accepted onto the soccer team.

Amy will stop at nothing to keep this woman’s daughter from playing on the team. 

She’ll fight even harder to keep this provocative single mom away from her husband.

Paranoia, jealousy, and maternal instinct collide…leading to the demise of the soccer moms.

Fans of The Girl on the Train and Mad Men will thrill at this page-turner -- a perfect version of an adult Mean Girls Club.

Buried By Debt Cathryn Grant Suburban No

Love, lust and money.

Fear of friends finding out about their money problems leads a couple to descend into a darker world than they could ever imagine.

Devon worships Jenna. Their friends say he's obsessed with her. Maybe he is, all he knows is that he wants to give her the world. Counting on a lucrative promotion, he bought a multi-million dollar home in Silicon Valley…for her. But it's all good because Jenna adores him. He's a lucky guy, and he's confident he has their finances under control.

Jenna worked hard to get where she is, harder than Devon and their friends. She thought she had it all -- a soul mate, a prestigious job, and a gorgeous Mediterranean Revival home. Now, the economy's gone south, Devon's promotion is delayed, and Devon and Jenna are desperate to hide their sky-rocketing debt from their friends.

When Jenna's best friend confronts them about the money they owe her for their share of a lavish wedding shower, jealousy and a long-buried secret explode in violence.

You’ll love this dark psychological thriller because it could happen to someone you know. Get a copy today and find out if their love survives their crimes.

The Suburban Abyss psychological thrille

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Claire thought the suburbs were safe.

But her neighbors are not what they seem.

As their secrets are revealed, the quiet suburb erupts.

Tension mounts as the layers of each one are revealed.

If you like psychological suspense, you’ll love The Suburban Abyss.

Secrets, obsession and murder in suburbia.

The Hallelujah Horror Show_1563x2500.jpg

Obsession, fanaticism, and ambition clash leading to death. 

Bob sneaks a cigarette every week. As he smokes the forbidden cigarette, he fixates on the people at the church across the street. He has a thing about religious fanatics.

After a brief encounter, his obsession zeroes in on Melody. Now, he’s hell bent on forcing her to admit that her faith is useless. 

Melody's unwavering belief puts her on a mission to convert Bob at all costs. 

Bob’s daughter is running from the bleak future being shoved down her throat, and her mistakes from the past are coming back to haunt her. 

This wasn't the way her life was supposed to turn out. No one was supposed to die.

If you’re fascinated by dark stories of frustrated dreams and blind devotion, you’ll love The Hallelujah Horror Show.

Getting_Ahead_Suburban Noir

This book will be released by Inkubator Books in August 2020. Stay tuned!


Will office politics and frustrated desire lead to murder?

Fanatical dedication to her career is all Laura needs to take the next step up the corporate ladder. 

She knows the prestigious job is hers for the taking, but an administrative assistant who behaves like a femme fatale threatens to derail her plans.

Vanessa isn't quite sure what she wants, although she knows it's something different, something more, something she can't put into words. 

She loves her fiancé and they have a good life together. She knows she’s great at her job and her boss agrees. But she's too young to be so settled. She needs more...if she could just figure out what that is.

Office politics, unconsummated desire, and murder send both women down unexpected paths that dramatically alter their lives. You’ll be gripped by their story because everyone knows office politics can turn sinister.

Faceless Suburban Noir Novel Cathryn Gra

Jealousy festering in social media opens the door to violence.

Allie loves social media because it makes her feel close to her friends. It never occurs to her that some are jealous of the seemingly perfect lives they see displayed online.

The embers of jealousy ignite when one of her friends flaunts his new-found wealth with a party to unveil his lavish home. 

A tragedy at the party seems to bring all of them closer together. But when one of Allie’s friends goes missing, their lives are suspended. No one knows whether they’re looking for an abductor or a killer. Will social media help them discover the truth?

As the cords in Allie’s lifelong friendships start to fray, and her marriage is threatened by her addiction to social media, she discovers secrets she wishes she’d never known. 

You’ll love this gripping novel of envy and lust because you’ll recognize some of the characters from your own social media circle. 

An Affair With God - Suburban Noir Cathr

When everyone claims to speak for God, it's hard to find the truth.

Vain, sensuous, jealous, and idealistic, Gabrielle is a devoted mother and madly in love with her husband. 

As the minister of Grace Lutheran Church, Mark's devotion to the members of his church drains his time and energy, leaving nothing for Gabrielle. But Gabrielle is convinced that something more sinister is out to destroy the passion in their marriage.

A mysterious woman from another church convinces Gabrielle she can expect miracles. Now, Gabrielle is confident nothing will stand in the way of her getting what she wants -- a satisfying and thrilling sex life. Still, their friends, the members of the church, and even God Himself seem hell-bent on keeping Mark out of her arms.

While Mark faces a battle for everything that matters to him, Gabrielle starts to believe that God wants to use her as an instrument of murder.

You’ll be enthralled by this page-turning psychological thriller because it’s both different and disturbing. Get your copy today and lose yourself in a world of domestic noir.